Aigang — Dev Update, December 2017: Development update.

After busy months in November and December, we are glad to share development news and updates from Aigang.

Aigang AIX Token Generation Event

We’ve succesfully concluded and closed our Token Generation event which ended on 15th December. We received more than 2,850 ETH during public sale and have a total amount of 29.2M AIX tokens. The current number of token holders is more than 1200 and should increase also in January because of the last bounty token distribution will be made and also part of PreLaunch contributors who have not yet claimed their AIX tokens will exchange APT tokens.

You can buy/trade AIX token at:

We are working with other exchanges to get AIX listed on more mainstream and popular exhanges in near future.

Development updates

Our insurance contracts were redesigned into more modular design to fit insurance domain specifics. New design will allow team members to automate testing and deployment of Ethereum insurance smart contracts. Also, planning for future, the new design will allow to use flexible insurance premium calculations and update risk models if something might get wrong.

Overall, new structure will allow Aigang to act more as a platform and will give oportunity to integrate other insurance products and data more smoothly. If you are interested in finding more about our platform architecture, we’ve written more extensively on our blog post earlier.

You can find our code updates on GitHub —

What’s next?

  • Focus and development of our roadmap for Insurance product core update and Prediction market testnet release
  • Working with exchanges to list AIX token
  • Raising Aigang brand and AIX token awaresness in core markets
  • On-boarding new team members (community, marketing & development teams)

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