Nintendo’s Public Relations Employee Alison Rapp Now Vocal for Pedophiles
John Kelly

Radical Feminists/SJWs are at their best when you realise they advocate for pedophilia, child pornography, rape or murder.

While I’m not suggesting that she should’ve been fired from Nintendo (of course she should), I am however stating that she should be pursued and judged for Child Sexualization and Pornography advocacy, period.

If you let these kind of people, who will probably abuse and fuck-up their own kids (as states by her tweets) get away with bullshit free speech which is not actual free speech (it’s illegal), that’s you get people accepting and enabling these crimes.

And in the case of pedophilia their is not a single hesitation to be had unless you can find explicit quotes proving she says or means something else, or you are a pedophile advocate yourself, period.