It is one thing to believe that your dream is a just a dream, inside your head and unreal, a figment of your imagination, an amalgamation of all the images your eyes have sifted through as you stepped in and out of your places in daily rhythm.

It is another thing to realize that your dream was never a dream. That it was real, but somewhere else. That your world was here and that world was also here, just below it — or above it, depending on how it is perceived.

But now that’s the thing: perception. Someone may see things in a bright light, so bright that they are blind to all things directly in front of them and therefore disconnected from what others would call “reality.” However, that is how they see, with a giant distraction sitting before them, cutting them off from what others would believe to be the norm. Their norm is everything other than the accepted norm, the sidelines where the light has no grasp except for another type of light, because honestly, “one” is not synonymous for “only”.

Then there are those who see nothing but what sits before them, the long awaited path that should be perfect — or as close to possible — and they do not live for the distractions on the sidelines but for the very appearance of their shoes upon the pathway — and this is any type of pathway, gravel, sand, asphalt, cobble, whatever — for what lies ahead is what is meant for them. Right? Sure, depending on how it is perceived.

Either way, neither way is wrong nor is either way right. It is quite a shame when such a thing as directions and instructions exist, sometimes. Of course, there are reasons to have them and ideal ways to utilize them. But I think it must be remembered, especially for writing or pursuing a career or a business or switching majors or submitting a process paper or teaching: you can hear but it does not mean you must listen.

Go ahead and criticize upon this personal philosophy, but there are certain aspects of one’s life where one opinion cannot be the deciding factor. But now doesn’t that sound like a double negative? Listening to oneself’s opinion solely because it is up to them, but also canceling out the opinion of another?

The types of opinions of I speak of are the ones that are not helpful in the long run. Of course, sometimes it is good and beneficial to hear someone say “This is shit so go redo it and make it better.” That statement is both critical and vague, two words that do not always go together. Yes, the thing might actually not make any sense whatsoever and so no message of any kind is absorbed, so yes it is shit.

“Go redo it?” What if it was meant to be shit? What if it was meant to be written so sporadically to mimic something specific that would not make sense unless you knew the creator with such depth that they could have been considered a lunatic in public? Is that type of creation not something we praise in the arts, that vagueness that only becomes clear once we feel that same expression and recognize it later?

No, I will not redo it because it was deliberate and it had a reason to be done as it was to begin with. Change how you perceive and you will understand. In more common words, “put yourself in another person’s shoes.”

Now that’s not a command; that’s a suggestion, and no, you do not need to listen.

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