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I uncovered this gem by accident

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I’m a content junkie. I read 100 books a year. I watch hundreds of hours of YouTube videos and thousands of hours of audio. Most of what goes in doesn’t stick. I do other things while I consume much of this content.

…but sometimes you get a lightning bolt.

This story is one of those. Now I share it with you. This is the story of one silly notebook.

As a fairly far-introvert (no idea what to call it… severe, left of center… who knows), I live in my head a lot. …

Not all readers carry equal weight

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A few days ago I opened my email to a heartfelt reply from a desperate writer. This writer felt she tried everything, writing for months on Medium, only to find the new changes to the app and homepage, only to make her earnings worse.

The writer was a poet.

Her poetry was short. The reads rarely counted, because the entire poem was listed in the story summary. She was angry and frustrated at Medium — feeling it worked against her, no matter how hard she tried to push-forward.

Unfortunately, this writer will likely never do well on Medium.

Not all categories here will do well. For example, I don’t see a huge excitement for anything fictional here. Yes, there are plenty of fiction writers and poets on Medium, but not the readership to support them financially. …

Uncover the ‘who’ among your tribe

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Medium is a social platform. We writers create all the content for the host platform. As an social site operates — the users are also the free labor.

Yes, we get paid a couple pennies per read, but only after the content is written. And only if the content resonates with readers.

Most Medium writers make little from their stories.

However, this isn’t a downer story. It’s a story of hope and growth. You can kick your Medium earning in the arse if you’re willing to take the road less-traveled.

I’m currently reading a new book by big-time Medium-er, Benjamin Hardy, PhD. …

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