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I uncovered this gem by accident

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I’m a content junkie. I read 100 books a year. I watch hundreds of hours of YouTube videos and thousands of hours of audio. Most of what goes in doesn’t stick. I do other things while I consume much of this content.

…but sometimes you get a lightning bolt.

This story is one of those. Now I share it with you. This is the story of one silly notebook.

As a fairly far-introvert (no idea what to call it… severe, left of center… who knows), I live in my head a lot. …

This is not a drill

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In August (yeah, yeah, I get the pun) I wrote a story that happened to bang a solid chord with writers and creators. Not only did this story earn me a bunch of money, but it led to a bunch of media attention.

I’ve had requests for consulting, podcast interviews, and freelance gigs, all stemming from this one silly Medium story.

Here it is in case you missed it:

Best yet, not only did the story go viral (viral for me), it went double viral. …

Multiple streams of writing income wrapped in one process

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Photo by Joe Taylor on Unsplash

I get a lot of email from writers and creators, wondering how they can use their Medium content as a springboard for their greater business plan.

These folks are writers, coaches, consultants, developers, and creators.

Medium is a fantastic place for many entrepreneurial-minded creators to gather their tribe and build a fantastic business from the fans they attract on their platform.

Medium is much more than a place to generate a couple pennies per read.

I know a lot of writers who are frustrated with the partner program. …

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