Systems, Not Tips/Tricks/Hacks, for Life & Business Enhancement

That’s not how it gets done, that’s not how we solve the big problems.

If it’s something meaningful in your life, if you really need to make a change — whether it’s productivity, or health and fitness, or diet or anything significant — none of these quick tips and hacks are going to do it. The key is systems and processes.

Preset stations make the work quick, efficient, and consistent from one week to another. It also give you a better idea of how long it’s going to take, and is less of a psychological barrier to get started when the setup is already in place.

Pre-setting the stage should be done not only in a physical locations, but also digitally in software. Create pre-formatted templates in every instance that formatting or organization is required to start a routine task. Minimize the setup for everything, shorten the task, and reduce the psychological barrier to get started.



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