[F&B Industry] 2017 Digital Mobile Trends in China #WeChat #KOL #UX

Food and Beverage is a fast moving industry, especially in China where customers expectations and business competition are strongly increasing. After the positive feedbacks we received from our first article (Read more) about WeChat services dedicated to WeChat, we wanted to provide you an update about the new digital trends dedicated to F&B for 2017.

Your customers want gustative and digital experiences

Example: HaiDiLao Hotpot Chain iPad Application.

It’s a fact most of your customers will use their phone during their dinner at your restaurant. Why don’t you take advantage of this habit by providing us digital mobile experience in order to develop your business?

Successful Hotpot chain HaiDiLao, welcomes guests with an iPad enabling them to make a simulation of their favorite hotpot and choose different extra options. After they completed their order, the tablet will stay at their table during all the dinner. Few customers used to resist for ordering additional dishes or beverages. This digital solution is a strong asset to develop additional purchases. It gives the opportunity to your waiters to focus on real value added services like customized recommendations or caring behavior for your customers.

Drive to Store strategy : Best way to increase Booking Intention

Chinese tripadvisor (DaZhongDianPing)

F&B industry is extremely competitive, implement a Drive to Store strategy in order to develop Booking intention becomes necessary. DaZhongDianPing (Chinese TripAdvisor) is a significant example of strong Drive to Store approach. At the same time users are consulting reviews, they are able to find promotional offers with integrated coupons, activated after they made a booking.

Make your E-Commerce Social

According to the last McKinsey report about E-Commerce behavior in China, 50% of Chinese customers already purchased food online in 2016. The proportion of purchase through WeChat doubles between 2015 and 2016. Integrate your E-Commerce platform within WeChat is not the only requirement to reach this 840 millions customers market. Your Chinese potential customers rely on reviews and word of mouth recommendations from trusted sources to make decisions on products. Propose valuable contents related to your products and contextual targeted offers will be the base of your success.

In less than 2 years, Lady Penguin established herself as one of the most successful online wine sellerwith more than 10 000 bottles sold during each of her private sales.

Take benefit of influencers

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are not only dedicated to Fashion Industry, more and more developed huge fans’ communities around Food & Beverage topics. Successful use of KOL amplification required a complete strategy beforehand including market research and behavior analysis.

(Shanghainese KOL « sugarednspiced » during her whisky tasting)

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