【WeChat】3 Latest & Innovative Luxury Brand X WeChat Cases

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Luxury brands continue to be active on WeChat by conducting innovative marketing actions,

trying to attract new consumers and interact with existing users.

Today we will introduce latest cases of luxury brands X WeChat.


  • Brand: Longchamp
  • Tool: WeChat Mini Program
  • Date: April 21
  • Goal: Promote e-commerce & educate brand spirit

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the brand, Longchamp launched two mini programs, becoming the first luxury brand activating mini program in China.

The first one is an e-commerce (online ordering and payment) platform. Users can place order immediately while customizing their Longchamp bags. They can also use WeChat payment and track logistics in this mini program.

Another one is called “Parisian”, aimed at recommending places which introduces Parisian lifestyle like French bakeries, art galleries, Longchamp stores nearby. Paris has inspired Longchamp’s design for decades, this event aims to highlight the importance of Paris culture to Longchamp.

2) MONT BLANC: #PassItOn

  • Brand: Mont Blanc
  • Tool: WeChat Moment advertisement + HTML5 gaming
  • Date: April
  • Goal: Charity + brand spirit education + product exposure

The German luxury brand Mont Blanc has launched a campaign called #PassItOn and support children in poverty-stricken areas as part of a partnership with the UNICEF.

Users noticed a WeChat moment advertisement from Mont Blanc and Mont Blanc has created a virtual WeChat moments with all its brand ambassadors as WeChat friends, including Taiwan actress Gui Lun Mei, Chinese writer Anthony and fashion blogger Shi Liu Po.

Mont Blanc invites fans to fill in the missing part of the Chinese character “爱(love)” to highlight the goal of the activity: spread love. And at the end it strongly recommends that participants share this event with their friends — in the name is love.


  • Brand: Chanel
  • Tool: WeChat communication + WeChat online booking
  • Date: April 12 to 24
  • Goal: Drive to store

Chanel opened a café as the theme of the beauty shop Coco coffee shop in Shanghai. Customers can shop beauty products and meanwhile enjoy a customized make-up service and a cup of coffee or some snacks. Coco Cafe attracted thousands of visitors every day. VIP customers can book in advance on Chanel official WeChat account to avoid queuing.

It’s exciting to see brands are becoming so innovative on WeChat. Also, obviously WeChat has provided numerous powerful marketing tools for brands marketers. We are looking forward to discovering more creative & fun cases of brands X WeChat.

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