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China has remained the world’s largest number of outbound tourists for consecutive years.Thanks to the latest China Tourism Academy report, we can learn in 2016 the number of outbound tourism in China reached 122 million people, and Chinese visitors spent $109.8 billion (about 760 billion RMB) in overseas destinations.

This huge amount of travelers is becoming the main target for Luxury brands, Tourist boards and Duty Free stores. The main challenge for brands is to engage those potential customers who are already overwhelmed by Ads.

For almost 2 years, PHOCEIS has been helping various organisations in their goal to catch Chinese travelers’ attention before, during and after their trip.

Phoceis was one of the first agencies for integrating iBeacons technology within WeChat. In order to answer specific needs of our clients, we develop our own CRM solution in order to manage numerous iBeacons and be able to get all the power from this technology.


SAMDecaux proposed us the exciting challenge to implement more than 1000 iBeacons within Shanghai airports in order to enable cosmetics and luxury brands to get the maximum of engagement during each of their campaign and collect relevant data regarding the activation.



Becoming one of the top destination for Chinese tourists, French Provence region and Avignon city decided to create a real digital experience dedicated to those new visitors. Within the city center and the most famous attractions, Chinese visitors can have access thanks to WeChat Shake and QR code to customize content in order to improve their stay in Avignon thanks to latest events, restaurants and hotels reviews or interactive map.


Who doesn’t check his/her phone while waiting his/her luggages in China? It’s during this high connected moment, Lancôme wanted to attract visitors in its duty free stores thanks to iBeacon and WeChat Coupon technology

Phoceis Weacons were displayed few days ago in Roma airport for increasing purchase interest inside Lagardère Duty Free stores.

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