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China is a huge market for video games. You probably already had a look at you neighbour’s phone in the metro, in the bus or even while walking in the street: they are either watching videos, Wechat moments or playing video games.

Video Games

After being marginalised for several years, video games are now completely part of our lives. There are for any kind of people: online video games for hardcore gamers, TV video games consoles for standard players, casual games for soft gamers, etc… Even some scientists are now going against the mainstream thought that video games are bad for children and that, with a reasonable usage, they can help them to develop their brains better.

But let’s not change our subject. Video games can bring a lot to your Wechat campaign, and it’s more easy to deal with it that you would think.

What are we waiting from a good Wechat campaign? To convert visitors into followers, right. But also to spread your campaign across Wechat to get more new followers! And how can video games help achieving this goal? With fun and challenge!

Let’s be honest, we all like fun. And having a good time while being in a Wechat product promotion page or whatever is better than reading a static text about how cool the product is. Moreover, after a game is finished, you can offer gifts, coupon or vouchers to your customer based on scores he reached and invite him to get it at your closest store. There you can tell him to follow your account to get the promotion.

That’s a classic flow and you can also achieve it with a simple coupon for anyone. But the video game will bring a huge advantage here: you can create a challenging context. Make people to play again and try to get a better coupon, invite them to compete with friends by sharing the campaign on their moments and even make a global ranking for offering very special gifts to best players! That will galvanise you game’s community a lot!

And how about building a game into Wechat? Isn’t that too complicated? Do you need to call Ubisoft or EA to do so? Not at all my dear friend, the web is already full of nice solutions to build HTML 5 games that will look like what you can see on your Nintendo DS.


At Phoceis, we chose to use two different methods depending on the project: pure HTML5 or Phaser.

Pure HTML5 game development is pretty useful for simple games like touching points appearing on the screen, or quizz games for example. Of course you can do even better in HTML 5, but in this case you will prefer to use a library that offers all you need to do so.


Phaser is a free Javascript library that includes all the utilities needed by a game developer to develop nice 2D video games: graphics tools, physics engines, animations, etc… Phaser is adapted for developing simple games, just like the ones you should offer in a Wechat campaign.

Godot Engine

If you are looking for developing more complex games, maybe in 3D, you can also turn to Godot Engine. It’s a Unity 3D like platform that allow your designers and developers to use the same tool to collaborate on developing a game: designers will import and create graphics elements, developers will animate it and implement all the game rules. Godot Engine is more for developing multi-platform games (Android, iOS, computers, etc…) but some plugins will allow you to export your game in Javascript and play it in Wechat!


As you can see, video games development for Wechat campaigns is not reserved for big companies with big budgets. Tools to develop games exist and allow us to work more efficiently in a more limited time. You can use different tools to develop your game: pure HTML 5 using canvas, Phaser or Godot. Therefore, we prefer using pure HTML 5 or Phaser to develop simple, casual and 2D games to enrich our customers’ campaigns experience. Don’t hesitate to also contact us for developing your game.

Discover the latest gamification for the launch of the brand new DS7 Crossback drom DS Automotive:

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