Renting an apartment in Paris will never be the same again!

Augustin Sayer
Feb 20 · 2 min read

Earlier this week, Newfund announced that it has led a €1.5M seed round investment into LouerAgile, along with The Family, Kima Ventures, and business angels such as Marion Carrette.

Below is why we believe the game can be changed.

The Pain

It’s impossible to rent an apartment in Paris. All listings online (on SeLoger or PaP) are already rented by the time the owners are contacted. Then, even if an available apartment is found, the application process is grueling and requires extraordinary criterias, leading to low acceptance rates (below 30%).

The Solution

Instant validation of a user’s application (identity and financial credentials). Automatic matching with rent insurance (GLI — Garantie Loyer Impayé). Connection with available apartments only. Lease signature in the apartment during visit.

The Traction

Traction speaks for itself, with 20% of tenants moving into Paris now using LouerAgile.

The Team

Marc Lebel and Alexandre Barbey, serial entrepreneurs and founders of LouerAgile, have the ambition to profoundly simplify how hundreds of thousands of French people rent every year.

Marc Lebel is the former CTO of Ouicar who oversaw its multiple evolutions since its inception in 2010 and its sale to SNCF in 2015.

Alex Barbey previously co-founded Sharegroop, a group payment system used by the likes of AirFrance and various soccer clubs.

We are excited to see and accompany the entrepreneurs disrupt a mammoth market and create a new transaction-based environment in the rental world. Many thanks also to David Laroque and Gregory Edberg from Leuwen & Cie. for their support in this operation.

If you wish to get in touch with the team, please email

Augustin Sayer

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Venture Capitalist @ Newfund Mgmt |

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