Creating a Hello World Skill for Mycroft AI

Mycroft AI: it’s a hackable open source voice assistant.

Here I’ll teach you how to create a simple skill using simple python syntax.

First of all, we have to understand the skill folder structure.

HelloWorldSkill/ (here is the skill folder)
├── vocab/ (here are the phrases that trigger your skill by idiom)
│ ├── en-us/ (inside this folder is the vocab in English)
├── dialog/ (here are the phrases that will be spoken by mycroft by idiom)
│ ├── en-us/ (inside this folder is the dialog in English)
└── (here our main file)

Here we have the file: vocab/en-us/Greetins.voc
These are the commands that will trigger the skill

Here we have the file: dialog/en-us/Greetins.dialog
These are the phrases that Mycroft will say in response

Now that we have our vocab and our dialog, we will create: 
With __init__.pywe associate a intent with a callback.

That’s a really basic skill just to show how to start : D

Mycroft Github: