8 Things Extremely Fit People Do Everyday

Not everyone is built the same way, but sometimes all it takes is to see what extremely fit people do everyday to get to where they are. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, but in this article I’ll give you 8 simple tips you can do everyday to get to reach your fitness goals.

1. Sleep.

This is probably the most underutilized asset out there. High endurance athletes, and people trying to build muscle or lose weight, have to sleep and rest their bodies. This is the when our bodies recover and reset. Sleep well my friends.

2. Eating Mindfully.

This doesn’t mean “eating clean,” or doing juice detoxes, but actually knowing the true value of food.

I see all the time people praising magic fruits that help burn fat, or special diets that have not been backed by clinical studies; these are all fads. Understand that there is no magic food, instead eat knowing what calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients are.

3. Intense Training.

It sounds corny, but when you train, going out of your comfort zone is the catalyst for change.

Go hard, but most importantly, understand that progressing is one of the most important factors for change. Basically, do more than what you did last time you trained.

4. Stay on Track.

Everyone is human, and those extremely fit people also lose sight of their goals. What makes them different from most of us, is the fact that they push to stay on track for as long as possible

5. Take A Break From The Weights

This sounds so counterintuitive, but the best athletes out there know that taking a break occasionally is actually very beneficial. Stepping away from the gym helps the central nervous system recover. Even though overtraining is very hard to reach, it is recommended to take it easy every month or so.

6. Stay Motivated.

In my opinion, one of the hardest things to do is to stay motivated. Everyone has their down days, and times where they are not feeling the best. Realistically speaking, no one is going to have a great day at the gym every day. In order to stay motivated, the highest-level athletes have a strong mentality, but most importantly they have the resilience to not lose sight of their vision.

7. Research.

Everybody wants a quick fix, the magic pill; but there is no such thing. Every day, these people read and research to figure out what’s out there that can help achieve their goals. They also know about the myths, and know the true face of the fitness industry.

Spend a little time doing actual research on anything that you stumble upon, specially from those so called “fit models;” trust me it goes a long way.

Or, just reach out to me. I’ll love to help you.

8. Be Persistent.

Finally, all these top fitness people (the real ones), are persistent with their daily goals in order to reach their long term goals. Make sure you set small goals throughout the day that lead up to that major goal you’re chasing.

People have this notion that fitness is a short and quick fix, what they fail to realize is the fact that fitness is a marathon, and a lifestyle.

Practice these short tips and you’ll reach your goals.

If you have any questions, leave me know!

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