Start about IT & stuff

Hey , I just signed up to medium, because want to improve my English language

How I found free code camp ?

That was usually day, when I was bored of daily routine or stud’s, so as usually I started to google things that I like.

Me trying to study

But after a while, i just quit to do tasks. Just sometimes, do some exercise. Step by step moving forward.

But Suddenly…

I like the idea, that viewers help you out (sometimes)when you are really stuck.

yesterday I found site called where coders ( doesn’t matter if advanced if only beginner) stream write code and show it for viewer. That is really interesting and awesome for me, because i can watch and learn how to solve problems.

Another thing what impressed me that you can stream too — no matter your skills. Also interesting that you can watch like TV — there is schedule.

That my impressions of yesterday.