I can’t resist the fact that these marvelous people, somehow, with a written destiny that I cannot stop being thankful of, have come along into my life and become one of the most enormous part of it.

We just filled each other’s vacancy and turned it to be the very first reason we came here every day. They turned this irritating-tedious-old building — where everyone never stopped grumbling as they wrote down some biological sequences of krebs cycle — into the most cheerful place that I never had a single doubt to come over again every day.

They yelled, they pissed everyone off to death and they made them laugh again the next second. They would say the papers were not worth finishing but they did it anyway. They would be totally comatose for every unwanted class schedule on Saturdays but they did come anyway. And here's the thing; they were the best at creating some hilarious and disgusting jokes that would make you think twice about how their brain technically worked.

Just a short period in high school they have become the biggest part of my life, but it already felt like decades. Now it’s time to fly in our separate ways again.

And it might turn out we continue living every single life path of our own and maybe you guys would be so busy running your companies, performing on tv shows, designing dresses, taking care of your patients in your own huge hospital, having daily meetings with your clients every single week who knows? And when the time comes, I know I still won’t pass even a day of my life without remembering every single one of your delighted face.

And it could be true that decades from now we might happen to meet at a coffee shop, sipping a dark coffee as we advise each other about some proper colors of a sleek modern contemporary house that every single one of us owns.