Using New Media with My Advocacy campaign..

Hi, I’m Satida. I’m a student within global studies and social entrepreneurship of Thammasart University, Thailand. Today, I want the share what I am struggling now to create my advocacy campaign. According to my class, I take my course called “ Media Advocacy” that serves me a lot regarding how to think about both technology and media and what the cost and benefits of these new media are.
Nowadays, the world is developed toward the progress of technologies until most people choose to consume new media more than traditional media. There are several reasons “why people live their life within new media more” First is that new media serve their needs such as convenience to communicate with each other, up-to-date information and news that people are able to follow any situations around the world. To clarify, new media is as creative participation that connect people around the world toward comment, share and chat. At the same time, we access to any content that we want anytime and get what we want to know or find freely.
For me, I see the importance of using these new media that can be used as a tool for running my advocacy campaign that I consider online media to be as the main channel to promote, influence and support a group for making change in my university. :-)

To talk deeper about my project, it will be launched in my university Thammasart University (Rangsit campus). What I really want to create change is about recycling. I always observe that there are many kinds of bins that are tagged the signals for the students to seperate their garbage. However, most of students still don’t care much on this environmentally friendly thing. They always throw the garbage on the ground or put the garbage in the wrong kind of bin.

So, I will start up the campagin by creating FaceBook Page and posting the useful videos toward YouTube first. I choose this new media because of the ability to spread information fastly and my project can get the feedback via comment, share and like. The campaign will announce through Facebook page and poster tagged around the university that we will organize the workshop. In workshop, we will use a celebrity and experts who work in the field of environemental preserving as a guest speaker to give both knowledge and positive attitude on environement for students.

As from the class of Media Advocacy, giving reliable evidence is so significant factor for using new media to send any messages or content. Because of making trust on my advocacy campaign, I will cooperate with the professors and experts tagged their name on my videos in order to send reliable message to motivate students’ behaviours. Apart from this, I learned toward this class in term of having intention to fulfill a need or solve a problem. So, I think that I can understand about what students really want first by using media like making Online survey. According to this, the online survey is so smart that it is able to calculate a number of people who come to do this survey, make the chart or graph to evaluate any results. In my opinion, using online survey is better than survey paper that I have to spend much time to create, keep and evaluate data.

So, the first reasonable way that I think to shape the students’ behaviour might be about raising awarness. And then, when the students are fulfilled a good attitude enough,they will act in the right way more for throwing garbage in the right kind of bin.

Lastly, I truly hope that the benefits of all new media will be able to create change in Thammasart University Soon!
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