#TheWordsUnwritten: Write a Piece Using One Syllable Words

Photo courtesy of ZRo Productions

When I was 22 I started a tradition giving each year of my life a theme, accompanied with a list of goals to accomplish during that rotation around the sun. I entered my 26th year back in June and truly felt like that was the gateway to the end of what I (once poked fun at but with my whole, entire soul believe in) believe to be my quarter-life crisis. This time around, the theme is “The Get Right” which entails getting back to doing the things I enjoy and living a life I love.

Writing, is my first love and my, my, my, how I have strayed. Synchronistically, because I do not believe in coincidence, one of my best friends, Zina Rose of ZRo Productions, has created a daily writing challenge for the month of January. When [re]forming [new] habits, it can be a a tad bit rocky in the beginning. I do feel that this challenge is Divinely timed, as I take great pride in supporting my friends in their creative endeavors, so there was no question that I would be a participant. Each day Z sends out a prompt to the group she created for this challenge on Instagram and each day I have actually been putting pen to paper. If you’re interested in learning more or joining #TheWordsUnwritten daily writing challenge, find Zina on Instagram.



Hey, you.

I’m on to a new wave,

a new path,

a new vibe,

and I thought I’d just say…”bye.”

They claim it’s rude to leave things in the wind

and that may be true,

but that’s based on your views.

I don’t like to feel weight on my heart

so, here I am with the news.

I know,

I get it,

this is such a…a change.

But, who are you to stop my shi[f]t?

Who are you to stand in my way?