Bug Bounty: Current List of Payouts
Dominik Schiener

Hi Dominik,

I didn't know what was the best way to reach out to you so I am reaching out this way.

I work for the “Blockchain Research Group” at the Cloud.Security Alliance;We are a Non-Profit organization focused on understanding and sharing various working aspects of Blockchain technology all over the World(via our Peer-reviewed Research Papers) & through our Member Developers.

We are interested in learning more about what your solution exactly offers in this space.Is it possible for you(or someone on your development team) to give our working group a 25–30 minutes detailed presentation on this issue?

You can reach out to either me(as Chairman of the Initiative) or our Research Analyst-Ms.Hillary Baron via Email- hbaron@cloudsecurityalliance.org

Many Thanks& Looking to hear from you soon!



Blockchain Research Group

Cloud Security Alliance.

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