“Workplace by Facebook”, Here’s How it Might be Better than your Workplace Communication

Imagine your boss encouraging you, “please Alyson, can you be on Facebook more today?” Well those days may not be far away with Facebook launching its workplace communication tool, Workplace by Facebook.

Many companies recognize Facebook as a platform of opportunities used by consumers and business that acts as a focal point of social media marketing services. Dominating the social landscape, Facebook remains one of the most used social platforms today. But, that’s not stopping the giant from continued expansion. All-play no more, Facebook is entering the industry of business communication.

Source: https://www.aumcore.com/

Workplace by Facebook is an easy to use service that uses the traditional Facebook platform with some more bells and whistles. But, with many companies barring employees from using the platform during working hours, what will make them change face and utilize this for business benefits?

Facebook has always supported social media marketing services with its in-depth analytic information and demographic filtering used by countless digital marketing agencies. Now, Workplace is playing off of that success and making sure employers are heard by their employees and relaying exactly what measurable results is coming from it. By seeing how many users viewed a newsletter or a demonstration, companies can focus on developing content that is beneficial to not only themselves but also to their employees.

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