Common Symptoms That Indicate Menopause

Menopause is something that every woman has to go through during their life, and it usually occurs in the forties, however, depending on the genetic code of the person, menopause can come in late thirties or early fifties as well.

Irregular periods

The symptom that is always going to show up when it comes to menopause indication is the symptom of irregular menstrual cycles, or more commonly called periods. When this symptom starts occurring, the person is going to have menstrual cycles that are a couple of weeks or months apart from each other, and menopause officially begins once a woman didn’t have a menstrual cycle for twelve months.

Hot Flushes

A symptom that is considered most troublesome is hot flushes, which manifests itself in a way of feeling overheated, causing the person with this symptom to sweat above the regular amount, even if the conditions are cool. This symptom can lead to some very uncomfortable situations, and according to Australian Menopause Centre, you should consult with a doctor if you have this symptom.

Vaginal dryness

During menopause, it is not rare for women to experience a very big drop when it comes to their libido, as the cells that cause the natural lubrication in the vagina are no longer capable of doing that, due to the lack of estrogen which is no longer produced during menopause.

While this symptom on its own is not that harmful to the person, it can have quite a big impact on the person’s relationship, especially if intercourse played a big role in the relationship. Of course, there are easy solutions to this problem, as there are many synthetic lubricants out there these days.

Enjoy your love life during menopause by getting treatment for vaginal dryness

Mood swings

A symptom that makes the person lose control over their emotions is referred to as mood swings, and it is a symptom that is very common when it comes to menopause. This symptom will often make the person angry or sad for no reason at all, and it can create some very uncomfortable situations.

Sudden weight gain

While it is not one of the most common symptoms out there, sudden weight gain can occur to some people, and while some people don’t really mind that they have gained a little bit of weight, the ones that tend to work on their looks will usually get anxiety and depression because they are unsuccessful in doing so, no matter what they do.

Consult with a professional about hormone replacement therapy and regain your happiness

Final Word

There has been quite a lot of research on menopause in the past decade, and while the cure is yet to be found, there are ways to keep the symptoms under control, which will allow the person to live their life without any issues. The case is about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and if you want to know more about it, you should consult with professionals like AMC or your local doctors as well.

Australian Menopause Centre

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