Dear TED…

I’ve stayed away because your stories depress me. I know it is odd, but at least I am honest. After all, honesty is the one quality that seems to repeat often in all of you talks. If a person can be honest, they eventually will have the world at their feet…or something like that.

I’m curious if you ever hear from others who’ve become overwhelmed by your stories. Google would probably give me the answer, but it is nearing 1:00am and I’ve a couple more letters to write. Do listeners report appreciating the substance of your talks, yet on some level become overwhelmed by a sinking feeling that their life cannot match the talkers? I’ve encountered this while guesstimating the age of the person chatting, quickly realizing that I’ve ten years on the speaker and it may be too late to become an astrophysicist or a physician and save a faction of the world.

I’m sorry to be Debbie Downer. I know I should be Wonder Woman. I can at least stand like her thanks to Amy Cuddy! Actually, her talk is what propagated this dialogue today. Not while viewing her talk (though I have seen it), but while reading this NYTimes article at a local coffee shop. The same coffee shop that I oft imagined would have been my office space if I had ever gotten my writing off the ground. Despite Ms. Cuddy’s advice, faking can only get one so far if one lacks Samuel Beckett’s skill set.

In closing, an idea to ponder. Perhaps someday you could have a talk about those that do not make it. An average Joe that truly just soldiers on; punches the card daily for a living wage but not beyond only to wake up one day and realize he has finally paid off the bills and can retire at age 70. Or, maybe not … unless you would like to make the status quo feel better.

I guess that would be missing your point to inspire the masses. Despite what I’ve written tonight, I do hope you soldier on and create more stories. Gandhi, whom certainly would have had his own talk, would champion your cause.

Jane Q Public

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