Wishes are what others call resolutions. I’m not certain where I came up with the reasoning behind using the word wishes, but I believe it had something to do with encouraging children to write or draw their 2016 goals. Using the word “wishes” seemed a lot more cognitively attainable for our library’s under 5 set.

My personal wish for 2016 carries over from 2015: 
to be more creative.

Truth, I am an introvert who found her creative writing voice with the WWW before it was a thing (twenty years ago or more). You see, when life went topsy-turvy after college, sleepless nights found me creating blogs on LiveJournal and creating poems on open forums at Poets & Writers.

I’ve moved on to other formats over time, but never have pushed my voice to that ultimate format — the printed page. Granted, being in print on pulp instead of digital is splitting hairs these days, but I am old school and still put great stock in holding on to paper. (Perhaps this is merely job security as I work in a library.)

No matter digital or paper, the end goal is to be dedicated to the process. Hence, after a long Sunday in libraryland, I am keeping my word to publish thoughts here or a poem on Tumblr just to make sure I keep writing. Hopefully, in a month, this practice will be akin to enjoying a glass of wine with dinner…

What is your wish for 2016? How do you plan to achieve it…

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