Sounds good to me: Scout FM

Admission: I was way late to the podcast scene, having entirely skipped their first wave and only really getting into a groove in the past year. I found new space in my day with a ferry-and-walk commute, and dipped my toe into a few podcasts upon recommendations from friends and colleagues.

Early on in my podcast consumption, the challenge for me was finding enough content, but very quickly the script has been flipped: there is just so much great podcast content that I need help sifting through the noise without spending a lot of time curating my subscriptions.

Podcast content is overdue for great discovery tools like we’ve come to rely upon for music, video, and written content, and it’s the perfect time for a great team to solve this problem. Enter Scout FM, co-founded by alumni of Medium, Twitter, and Google, including CEO Cara Meverden with whom I’ve had the chance to work closely, twice.

Their vision goes beyond discovery to bring podcasts into the home through connected devices and a well-designed voice interface. I’ve been lucky to be a beta user for their mobile app and have already discovered podcasts on everything from parenting to leadership to the daily news — none of which I’d have found if left to my own devices.

It’s a golden era for great podcast content, and the Scout FM team are the miners we need. I’m proud to be backing them in their current round announced today, led by Bloomberg. You can learn more about them here.

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Product lady, investor, sun-seeker. Formerly of Twitter, Google, Texas, Math Olympiad team or whatever.

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