a short but practical list of tips on how to be an ally to others during COVID-19.

Thank you to Shivani Banfal, Lydia Miller, Erin Sullivan and Meaghan Cloherty for their hard work and recommendations.

Support Others

for example:
Frontline Foods is delivering food to essential workers. They have local chapters across the United States. You can donate money & volunteer your time.

I’m doing wellness calls and food checks with Myrtle Avenue BID. Sign up here: https://bit.ly/3gimgS2

If you don’t feel comfortable volunteering, there are organizations like Want Not Need Fund, that ask you to contribute donations in small fun ways.

One hour of your time or $1 can make a huge difference in your community.

Don’t underestimate the…

I’ve been lying to you.

I know you can’t actually hear my voice because this is a letter but still.

In kinder terms, I guess I was hoping to fumble us back to simpler times. The ones with deep belly laughs, developing film and parking lot loitering are the first to come to mind. The intent wasn’t malicious.

It was more cowardly with a hint of optimism.

And now I’m saying this possibly too late, potentially to salt a wound I didn’t acknowledge until now.

As you bleed I have to be honest: I didn’t imagine this would hurt that…

settings: f/22 1/160s iso 100 85mm 1.8 lens Canon mark ii

I made a mistake. Well, several mistakes actually. Wait. Before I get any further into it, let me actually explain what the heck I’m talking about. I was asked to shoot portraits of influencers for a program my buds over at Adobe Stock were doing and it didn’t go as planned. I mean, I’m sure you guessed that based on the title, but whatever.

I decided to shoot the NYC Ballet at sunrise earlier that day [can’t say no to that right?] so I may or may not have been exhausted. I didn’t get to test a new lighting scenario…

Last weekend I got a text from one of my favorite photographers and new friends, Chris Ozer inviting me to a special #camerasanddancers event, a collaboration between the Whitney Museum and the New York city ballet. Below are the images I took while there [shot with a Canon mark ii and a 50mm 1.4 lens] and answers to the questions I’ve gotten over the last week about the project.

Adobe Creative Residency // what do you do all day? all month? all year?

If you remember nothing else, remember this: The hardest part of the residency is the self imposed pressure. You are your own boss. Adobe builds a great system around you. They are here to support you, but from the minute you submit that application to the end of the residency and beyond, you are your editor, your critic, your boss, your media manager, your inspiration. At times I handled that pressure poorly and others it helped me create work I am proud of to this day.

Now onto the fun stuff:

Why asking if you should apply to the Adobe Creative Residency isn’t the right question.

Do you know who Russell Westbrook is? Are y’all friends? If so, tell him I said sorry for boosting his tagline for a few minutes. If not, he is a mix of a bulldog and the secret stuff from Space Jam crammed into a 6’ 3 frame playing point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He famously wasn’t ranked as a high school student and was doubted as a player worth drafting when he declared.

Now he is the league reigning MVP and scoring leader, and he attributes that to the simple question he asks himself daily: Why not?


Yesterday, I collaborated with my good friend Anisha, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music to create these color portraits of dancers in the David Dorfman Dance Company for their upcoming show Aroundtown. We shot in the light-deficient lobby of the box office, so I decided to try to use some gels for the first time.

Here are some portraits and what I learned:

When we think of rape, we often conjure tales of strangers dragging women into bushes past midnight, ripping their clothes and stealing their dignity, like an SVU episode. The difficult truth is that rape is much more banal than that. It’s a partner forcing the other into sex, it’s having sex with someone who can’t consent, it’s so many things. And that isn’t even mentioning assault, catcalling, groping or forcible touching.

I asked the women in my extended network to share some of their #metoo stories anonymously, to illustrate this. Before you ask what this has to do with my…

4:22 am.

4:38 am.

4:43 am.

“Dammit,” I exclaimed as I rolled over to see my one true lover, my MacBook open to lightroom and waiting for me. As, I lay there, I wondered why I had woken up almost 3 hours earlier than I needed to to board the NYC bound megabus. Like in most places I visit for Stories from here, the last day is the hardest for me to stomach.

Did I ask the right questions? Did I get enough stories? Did I listen well enough?

The last town I left, I was with a friend and…

To the narcissist inside me,

  • Refusing to communicate with others is the equivalent to throwing a controller when a video game bests you. Do better.
  • Many have stood before you that allow you to create the way you do now.
  • Be patient.
  • You’re wrong a lot, give others similar latitude.
  • Bravado doesn’t make you live any longer.
  • Listen more.
  • It’s not some cosmic injustice for you to not get what you want. Life is just wonky sometimes.
  • People love you. It’s not weird to love them too and let them know frequently.
  • Unanswered texts don’t mean they don’t care about…

Aundre Larrow

I take photos of things never and people always. 🦊🐐👌🏾👻

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