a day in the life.

Now onto the fun stuff:

Where are you based? Wherever I want to be. Sometimes I am with my boo Carmen San Diego, sometimes I’m at my house, sometimes I work on the road.

  1. Give back to the creative community. They already work with a New York based non for profit called NYC SALT that gives kids professionally-led volunteer instruction in photography and digital technology that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. For me, this Residency has been about access, from the internal mentorship at Adobe to the magnitude that my work is shared because of the Creative Residency program.
  2. An opportunity to see how emerging creatives work with their products. It’s more hands-on than a beta test and more personal. We can give live feedback and they can see our workflow.
  3. If we, the Creative Residents, do our jobs right, Adobe’s brand association raises, even if ever so slightly.
  4. Adobe has lifelong ambassadors who are thankful for an experience unlike one they have had before.
our trip to the letterform archive
  1. You are a representative for Adobe. It’s nothing insane, but make sure you reflect them and your work in a good light.
  2. You have to share your work and process by posting regularly on the social channels that make the most sense for you, like Instagram for me and Julia, Twitter for Natalie and Facebook for Jessica. We all post on Behance, which I have come to really love. (My site, storiesfromhere.com, is actually running on Adobe Portfolio!)
  3. You have to share your process. That includes failures, work in progress and finished things.
  4. You have to do some talks. Like at conferences, events, and Adobe related events like Creative Jams and at Adobe MAX.



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Aundre Larrow

Aundre Larrow


I take photos of things never and people always. 🦊🐐👌🏾👻