Political propaganda floods Facebook comment sections in Myanmar

Aung Kaung Myat
Jul 18 · 9 min read
Wai Phyo Oo’s comments under 7Day (left) and New Watch (right) calling death penalty for the journalists
Name of publications and their respective numbers of followers

Different Facebook users posted the same comment under three different news organizations, 7Day, Irrawaddy and Mizzima (from left to right)
Min Kyithway’s Facebook friends (left) and Suu Rai’s Facebook friends (right). Inidividuals with the same name were circled in the same color. Min Kyithway, spelled in Burmese, was circled in black.
The text used by Min Kyithway, Suu Rai and Naing Chaw Yu Minn was re-posted to Facebook by two different accounts
Soe Nayt Thit’s comment (left) and three other accounts posting his comment on Facebook(right). The third one uploaded the English translation in broken English followed by the Burmese original.
A Facebook profile of Hpay Chit without a single post
Cover photo of Hpay Chit was a screenshot of a search engine query
The identical comments of Hpay Chit in two different news stories about the arrest of EMG journalists
Comments of Critique Master under posts made by Mizzima (left) and Popular News Journal (right)
Liked pages of Critique Master. All pages except one were those of Burmese news outlets.
One profile picture of Honey Soe Win with a watermark from a professional photography. Her Facebook friends complemented that she is sexy and hot.
Honey Soe Win expressed her support for laws that aimed to protect Buddhist women against men of other religions especially Islam

Aung Kaung Myat

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Journalism student from Burma/Non-believer/Radical Progressive.

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