Walking Tall with the Big Guys
Aung Kyaw Paing

learn to work and work to learn can go together at the same time

it is better than doing learn to work and then work

I learned publication software QuarkXpress at the age of 40 at work; at that time my knowledge on softwares is not more than noob :(

1. decide on a skill I need to develop =QuarkXpress Version 6

2. do some research on the skill I am trying to develop = A4 size, 4inches thick Guide book for QuarkXpress Version 6

3. set a series of progressive goals = every two week I must acheive 3 chapters

4. ask two colleagues and one superior when I am stuck!

5. I really try layout one actually directroy about 300 pages from 1 page to the end and successed

6. I start learning Pagemaker and praticing Myanmar Font Winresearcher Typing

7. Then I Learn coraldraw, photoshop, InDesign, XML, Java Script so on

8. I become jack of all trades but master of none.

Yes! You Can Learn and Get Work Done at the Same Time

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