What does a Product Owner do in an Agile Team

# Product — what problem it gonna solve.
- for who.

# concrete user stories.

# the capacity of a development team — yesterday weather.

# automated testing — continous integration.

# Product Backlog — backlog grooming (workshop)
- the length of product backlog.
- the size of a user story.
- the length of a user story.
- the sequence of user stories in product backlog.

# acceptance criteria for user stories.

- short-term work vs long-term work
- building the right thing vs building the thing right vs building the thing fast.
- new feature development vs old feature improvement.

#questions : to be answered
when will the product be done ?

how much will be finished by Christmas ?

can we get these features by Christmas ?

capacity management
stakeholder communication
a product owner who could say “No”
backlog grooming
short feedback loop


This is just passing a note from a developer to another developer.
This is NOT a complete knowledge sharing post.
If you want to learn Agile or Product Ownership, please check out the youtube video above.