Thank You.

Thank you to the people who see me in all my mess and still love me.
Those are the people who count.
Thank you for giving to me when all I could do it take, when I didn’t reciprocate.
Thank you for coming in close, even when all I did was push you away.
Thank you for running into this burning house and pulling me out of the flames.
Thank you for jumping into me and pulling me out of the the sea.
Thank you for bringing me back from the place of numbness, for encouraging me to feel.
Thank you for supporting and loving me in my weakness.Thank you for being present, committed and invested in me.

Thank you for the difficult talks, for dishing out the truth in love and helping me see things from a different perspective.
 Thank you for not judging me.
 Thank you for your patience.
 Thank you for seeing value and worth in me even when I didn’t see it in myself. 
 Thank you for your counsel, wisdom, advice and guidance at the crossroads of my life. 
 Thank you for loving me, even when you don’t understand, for encouraging me even when it didn’t fully make sense.
 Thank you for being there.

Thank you for not backing out. Thank you for being my bridge.
 Thank you for pushing me to the limit of me, for taking the step over the ledge and laughing, crying and feeling every moment with me.
 Thank you for giving me room to grow, being there when I’m being pruned, supporting me when Im a seed and when I’m pushing through the soil.

Thank you serving me, for preferring me and lifting me up.
 Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for not cutting me off when I’m so wrong.
 Thank you for giving me access to you before I’ve given you access to me.
 Thank you for being present to wipe away my tears and tell me theres nothing to fear.
 Thank you for unraveling the complexity, the uniqueness that is me.

For taking your time to learn me. For seeing me.
 Thank you for being my legs when I couldn’t take another step forward, for being my hands when I had nothing to hold onto.
 Thank you for trusting me. For forgiving me. For caring for me.
 Thank you for connecting to me.

Thank you.

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