Aunt Corduroy’s Succulents

Bear with me folks, I am new to the world of succulents and to be honest, plants in general. My newly discovered green thumb has sent a whirl-wind of creative thoughts, and has lead me here. To a blog. A world I know nothing about. But I’ll try. When I am not obsessively tending to my plants or snapping shots of the process of propagation, I hope to be filling up these digital pages, and maybe the minds of fellow succulent-lovers, with my do’s and don’ts. I’ve been skimming the blogs of knowledgeable green-thumbers, and I find that one of the joys of having succulents, and plants in general, is being able to document the process. It’s like the cherry-on-top of the whole expirience. Now, with that being said, compulsive picture-taking shall not be forgotten- it, too, is a staple.

So, as I continue to write, I hope that I can become that ‘knowledgeable green-thumber’ to anyone seeking to further their brain-bank!

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