Life Has Sprung

There’s much progress with my rooting succulents. They have grown and are rooting deeper! I cannot wait until I can watch the baby succulents begin to grow..

Anyways, a little update: I re-potted my full grown succulents. All went well, as far as I can tell. Starting with a layer of rock, I then added a layer of soil. I then added my succulents and stabilized them with soil around the base. I cleaned up any mess that was created using my Bonsai gardening tools (perfect for accuracy) and gave them some indirect sunlight. As I was unsure of the watering needs of newly re-potted succulents, I left a day in between before I lightly watered them. I used the cactus soil I obtained from the local nursery and mixed in some sand to create a hummus-y mixture.

Bonus: I have been visiting my local swap-shop on the weekends and have been finding fantastic goodies for my hobby. So far I have found a beautiful purple glazed ceramic planter. I have also picked up an awesome metal and glass candle latern- I cleaned it up and removed the candle holder inside- PERFECT to display a succulent. Currently there is a small terracotta pot with a jade plant. Absolutely stunning.

I reccomend getting those creative juices flowing and finding unorthodox planters to house succulents. It certainly adds to the entire process. Plus, if you’re anything like me, a diverse amount of antique-ish planters only adds to your succulent display. If your town or city has a local swap-shop, I reccomend that you check it out. Spend a few minutes looking around.. often times you’ll find planters or various glass pieces that are perfect for terrariums. Good luck on your continued succulent success, folks!

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