This article makes me sad.
Marko Polojärvi

I agree completely. I spent most of my life at least forty pounds overweight-not morbidly obese, but extremely chubby. I’m very short and forty pounds when you’re under five feet is a lot. I had very high cholesterol and low energy. Despite this, I managed to find a wonderful, supportive husband…perhaps too supportive. He’s thin and always urged me to have second helpings or fattening desserts. One day, a friend took a photo of us at a public event. He sent it to us. It showed us on a bench with huge sandwiches at our lips. As soon as I saw it I said, THAT”S IT!! I stopped bingeing on potatoes, pasta, pizza and ice cream. I cut my portions radically, started to climb the stairs rather than use the elevator, I race-walk every morning and never let myself eat after 8pm or between meals. I lost the forty pounds in six months by what I now call my EFL/MAM diet: Eat f***ing less/Move a** more. It works. I weigh myself every day and look fabulous in clothing. My friends weren’t happy with this and accused me of being anorexic. My husband kept asking me if I wanted second helpings. I told him that if he wanted a happy marriage he should not comment on what I ate and I’d be responsible for my own portion sizes. It took a while but he finally learned to clam it and appreciate his newly-svelte life. I have in-laws who are on crutches, incontinent, and using breathing machines to sleep. Nobody says a word to them but they feel free to criticize my efforts to maintain a healthy body. I just roll my eyes and keep mum.

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