I just discovered one of the people I love and admire on Medium is no longer following me.
Kestley Knoble

Can I offer a view? It’s personal, and I can in no way say this is something that happened here, but it might be something to keep in the back of your mind.

There are writers on Medium I enjoy reading, and do read, but don’t follow. The reason I don’t follow, is that while I enjoy their writing and their opinions very much, somehow they have very different tastes from me. That means that the stories they end up recommending, are things I simply have no interest in and really rather wouldn’t have cluttering up my “recommended by” section of my homepage. That’s not them, that’s me. Very often the people I do follow do recommend a lot of their writings so I come across their writings with regularity. And if I’ve not seen them for a while, I look them up.

Following and unfollowing writers is one of the biggest tools we have to customize our Medium feed. That really doesn’t say much about the quality or our opinions of the writers themselves, and more about our personal interests.

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