Thanks, Aura Wilming , for giving us a peek behind the wall.
White Feather

Hi White Feather,

The sub header for ‘lit’ says “handpicked by Medium Staff”

There’s a bit of a problem with it, as Jack Preston King pointed out here

But, I don’t think tagging your stories ‘lit’ is going to make much difference. From what I’ve seen it works more like the ‘feature page’ feature in a publication than a “tagged with” feature in a publication — that is assuming Medium, the site, works pretty much like a huge publication where we’re all added as writer. It seems like a natural assumption to make though.

We’ve had the problems with the feed for a long time, at least a year, maybe longer but I’ve not been here longer so I can’t say for certain. This is why I am so pleased with the new home page. It solves most my complaints.

I’ve also noticed the thing you say with the drastic drop in views, but from before the memebership program rolled out. I wrote about it here

Overall, we’ll just have to keep fighting for fiction recognition. I agree the paypall movement is great. Now let’s put our voices to the new Heath Houston for Lit Curator! campaign. We’ll forge some change on this puppy yet! (are you listening Medium Staff?)

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