Okay, I’m back, Aura.
David Moser

I am looking forward to reading your piece. (Oh oopsy, I come to the end of your comment And I see I’ve been slacking on my follows *shame blush* *cough* that’s fixed now)

It’s a challenge to write characters that are not-you. But I don’t think anyone should shy away from this challenge. Like I commented elsewhere, and as a lot of people have been commenting on Sean Howard’s inquiry on the topic, there is no one experience specific to a race, or ethnicity, or gender, or group. That idea suggest different people would all experience something in the same way just because they share a certain trait. This is a pretty weird idea when you start to think about it critically.

Luckily that also means if you put in an honest effort, it is pretty much impossible to get a character ‘wrong’. ‘Wrong’ only happens if you start being lazy about it.

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