Apologies in advance — this is going to be a bit ranty.
Charlotte Franklin

I am no where near ‘invisible’ and if the women in my family are any indication, I won’t go invisible until well into my 60s, but I kind of understand what they are pointing at.

I had some errands to run, which involved getting a former state owned company turned private to do something for me — a headache in this place. I wasted my whole Monday and got absolutely no where at all.

On Wednesday I tried again. Only this time, knowing I had better than average chances the people I needed to do stuff for me were male, I wore something with ample cleavage and a bit of makeup. The people were just as polite and professional as they were on Monday. But now I ended my day with all my errands accomplished.

I have a few too many similar sequence of events to chalk it up to luck. I am certainly not above using cleavage as a weapon like that. You’re just easier to dismiss when you’re not at least hinting at sexuality.

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