Started playing Thimbleweed park this week, featuring Ransome the Clown.
Jeffrey Field

I hate to be that “Technically…” person, (well, no I don’t. But other people hate it when someone is that “Technically…” person) The most famous image of Lou Jacobs isn’t white face clown, either. This is identified by Wikipedia as 1941, which is well before IT.

From Lou’s Wiki page, 1941

I know he did both, but he’s most famous as auguste clown. The base of his makeup is pink and tan.

And I’m pretty sure the whole “white face clown is evil” went the other way around. First came the impression he was evil, then came the murderers and villains. Because in the classic way of clowning, white face (sad clown) and auguste (happy clown) were meant to play together, and the white face used to be a pompous asshole who felt superior to the happy clown and kept ordering him around and berating him.

I clearly remember being offended somewhere in early grade school when my teacher didn’t know about sad clown. :)

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