I Worry

Of course I worry
But not about can and can’t
Not about will and won’t
I worry about the should and shouldn’t
Self-imposed without regard for circumstances

I don’t fear you’d stumble
I don’t fear you’d fall
But I’m afraid of the blows that come after
And the mess that’s left when you’re finally done kicking yourself

I worry about the moment of failure
Which appears to wipe out
A long history of amazing achievement
In the one place it matters most
Your own mind

I worry about the darkness along your path
Not for the things you might find lurking within
But for the things you might lose while your there
All I can give you to find your way through is my love
And I worry; will it be enough?

Written for quite a few people close to my heart.
Dedicated to those who kept telling me I should write a poem. As always, careful what you wish for.