It’s not entirely feasible, because I do seem to have … or used to have … a habit of falling in…
Where Angels Fear

But I really don’t see what’s so difficult to understand about this … or why my being able to accommodate someone’s needs but insisting that there be compromise when I do so needs to be stuffed into a pigeon-hole in which it doesn’t belong.

Lol, okay there was a bit of sarcasm in my reply. Because honestly, I’m filing your explanation on how you’d approach BDSM in the same folder where the “If I were to win ten million in the lottery tomorrow” conversations go…While not outside of the realm of possibilities, it’s just not likely you’d be in that situation. I believe you when you say that you’re not attracted to the mindset. Those who need it wouldn’t want to be with you. Those who don’t need it but don’t mind, wouldn’t bother to ask you to bother, you know what I mean? I’d take good vanilla over a reluctant dom or sub any day.

If I’m going to put on a scene, then I want to go all out. I want production value. I want setting, I want ambiance, I want the correct lighting, the correct music, the right fucking outfits and a lover that’s damn well into that shit — else, what’s the use? Why bother half-assing, when it really isn’t necessary for passion or enjoyment?

Much like going out. Show up in jeans and t-shirt when we’re going to that place where we’re eating amazing burgers with our hands and drink beer straight out of the bottles. Show up in suit and tie if you made reservations at a fancy five star restaurant. Either way we’ll have a great date if we click.
But don’t show up in jeans or t-shirt for the fancy restaurant, or in a suit for the burgers. Just, no.

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