Story Showcase

A collection of my personal favorites

I’ve written a lot during my time on Medium and tried out a lot of differnt genres. These are the stories I would like to represent my writings here.

Tragedy Struck: Fantasy

Life and death locked in the oldest argument in time.

Velocity: Stream of consciousness

A strange journey with an unknown destination.

Mrs Pearson: Drama

A small act of revenge has some unforeseen consequences.

The Unsolicited Solicitor’s Free Advice: Science Fiction

A Young cargo pilot decides to ignore free advice given to him.

In the Capital Wasteland: Fan Fiction

A story based on the Fall Out computer games.

Join Us: Horror

A husband worries about his wife’s mental health after the death of their child.

Bloodbath At Lone Digger: Crime

A detective investigates a fight at a strip club that has gone horribly wrong.
Based on the anthropomorphic music video “Lone Digger” by Caravan Palace.