The Order Of The Green Heart

As the launch date arrives, the chamber stands empty

My dearest friends,

The plan was to introduce you all to the members of the order today. Alas, sickness (of the artist) has prevented them from arriving in time. For this I am very sorry. The Lords and Ladies of The Order Of The Green Heart will be introduced with all due haste. It seems launching a publication is more of a struggle than anticipated. Still, the land of Medium has revealed much heart worthy content.

When it comes to struggle, no one is as familiar with it as Jonathan Paull, whose body is engaged in a battle with himself and time. His personal essay is very touching.

Staying in the spirit of struggle, This fiction story about a near-future President by Jeff Elkins, reminds us how hard it can be to take what we think is the best course of action. Specially if it involves dropping the bomb.

Dropping the bomb usually involves a huge number of casualties. In Aaron Bleyaert’s fiction story, the casualties are limited to two people. But that doesn’t mean the bomb that dropped was any less in magnitude.

I hope you enjoyed the first few stories worthy of your hearts. There will be many more to come.

If you stumble upon a heart worthy story, or would like to join the order, please send a mail to

With love and my sincerest apologies,

Lady Aura