Worry : Reasons why people live their life unhappily

Worry. One word, thousand meanings. For me myself, i’ve spent my whole university life full of worry. Worry of being not good enough, Worry of wasting my parents’ money for my tuition, Worry of ending my university life and forced to face real work life when i’m not ready, Worry of finding fake friends, Worry of being separated with my love, Worry of being myself (About this one, I’ll explain more in my next writing).

Beyond all those worry, one question suddenly came to my mind “Are those worry even worth it?” I mean, i deserve a happy life without worrying about how my life might going, right? Problem is, i can’t. I can’t stop worrying about how my life might going, i am sure you do too. Everyone does. But one thing for sure, people who live their live in worry, tent to forget how to enjoy their life.

Then i find this phrase :

  1. Everyone wants to be happy
  2. They worry about their life because they are affraid that they can’t live happily in the future
  3. They worry now thus they want to be happy letter
  4. They forget that no one guarantee that they will still have a live in the future
  5. While they are worrying, they forget to be happy now.
  6. They are not happy.

See? This worry starts from nature of human who wants to be happy. Sadly, we don’t find right way to be happy, do we? For all people out there who read this writing, I’m sure you guys just wanna be happy, if you think that your happiness is being hampering by yourmind, follow the tips bellow. After all i’ve been through, i did this to myself so i can get rid of worry :

  1. Let’s not be worry until we know what happen.
  2. Remember that if you worry, you worry for something unsure, but you overlook your current condition which more certain rather than what happen in future.
  3. No one force you to be what they wanna be, so don’t have excessive burden. Even if they did, they have no right about it.
  4. Live like you’re gonna die tomorrow, Do what you wanna do.
  5. Be yourself, be happy.
  6. goodluck.


Me, The one who tried herbest to be happy