Join an #Auramob, make art memories, and win prizes!

#Auramob is a hashtag we’ve started using when we plan to informally meet up with Aura users at art related events — kind of an Aura flash mob — to make memories together. It may be an art fair, a studio tour, or a late night or free day at a museum.

Meeting up with an #Auramob is one of the best ways to get started using Aura. You’ll find us wearing our Auras, literally, with multicolored scarves like this:

Aura team members wearing our scarves are at every #Auramob to help you learn to use Aura to make memories of the art you see.

We’ll also be awarding flash prizes for people who make lots of memories at and after participating in an #Auramob. Any Aura user’s email address that we see making the most memories *anywhere* in the week after an #Auramob posted event, that made some of those memories in the location and during the time of the #Auramob (so we know you were there), will receive a prize.

Watch Twitter, Facebook and other social media for #Auramob announcements with the location, time, Aura people and specific prize!

Our first #Auramob will be May 1–3 at ArtMRKT SF, with a $250 Amazon gift certificate for the user present and making memories there with the most memories in the week following.

Have any questions? Drop us a line at

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