Lead Yourself to Wellness with Ayurveda

Taking a Kerala Ayurvedic tour, you can enjoy the moments of peace and tranquility with some excellent Kerala Ayurveda packages . This minuscule state in the Southern part of India has a plethora of Ayurveda Centers , and Aura Spa offers some best offers regrading healing treatments and massages for travelers to savor. These packages ensure that your holiday is midst some fascinating natural bounties, peaceful and a serene environment.

This land of hypnotic natural beauty offer some rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments , that offer complete relax of mind, body and the soul. After a tiresome shopping and sightseeing, wont’ it be good to have a complete relaxing massage in one of the best Ayurvedic Resorts in Munnar, that too without burning a hole in your budget. Many travels from India as well as abroad, have fulfilling experiences with these Ayurvedic treatments.

It wouldn’t be any exaggeration if we say- Kerala is the Mecca of Ayurveda. It is popular known as the land of Ayurveda among the domestic as well as the international travelers. And many number of tourists from different parts of the world visit here for different ayurvedic treatment in Kerala. Several resorts in Kerala are renowned for their massages and therapies and ayurvedic treatments, which provide a unique rejuvenation of the body mind and the soul. As our modern lifestyle has brought us some modern life style diseases and health issues, the theories of Ayurveda has utmost importance in our everyday life now, which all focuses on only natural treatments and herbal ingredients.

The practice of Ayurveda or commonly known as the science of life utilizes the gamut of medicinal herbs and plants only, and more than a set of rules, it is a set of guidelines that advises you how to live by sustaining an equilibrium among the body,mind and the soul, All Kerala Ayurveda Packages are helpful in detoxifying and rejuvenating your body and build more resistance to fight against the life style disease and keeping a healthy way of life.

Most Sought After Treatments

Dhara: Dhara is very helpul in DE-stressing and involve pouring some herbal oils and milk on the forehead.

Pizhichil: This therapy is often applicable for the patients of arthritis and hemiplegia and some other nervous disorders. The oils that are used is completely herbal.

Nasyam: Nasyam procedure comprise of inhaling of some medical herbal preparations and is useful in curing Migraines and chronic colds.

Elakhizi: It is a kind of massage therapy and will help to enhance the blood circulation in your system.

Njavarakizhi: It is a medicated rice packs that are used to treat rheumatism and wasting muscles.

Ayurvedic Therapies

Abhayangam- It is considered as one of the poorvakarmas or preparatory procedures and it implies a synchronized massage to your whole body and local parts as per the condition of your health. It is one of the most effective and widely done therapy in Ayurvedic medicine. Abhayangam is useful to cure nerve disorders, aches and stiffness. This therapy usually lasts for 40 to 60 minutes.

Shirodhara: This therapy includes pouring of a liquid form of the herbal medicine called thailam or medicated oil or thakram or the medicated buttermilk and is useful in the treatments of nervous disorders, insomnia, mental stress, anxiety, migraine and so on. It is also very effective in treating diseases like skin disorders and respiratory disorders.

Shirovasthi- This therapy consist of a procedure that includes retaining a warm medicated oil or commonly called thailam in a cap like thing that is fitted on the head.

Swedanam- It is simply the steam bath. And considered one among the preparatory procedure or poorvakaramas like Abhayangam. After going through this therapy you will feel like a feather with a glowing skin. It also reduces fat that are even collected on extremities.

Avagha Sweda- It is a kind of sedation , in this therapy a steam of medicated milk is made exposed to the face. It is effective in treating skin disorders and reduce anxiety.

Pichu- It is a simple way of application of cotton that is dipped in Luke warm medicated oil on your local body parts.

Thalam- Thalam or Masthishkya is the procedure that keep medicated oils alone or mixed paste of drugs on the head.