Look the Best at any Age with Ayurvedic way

In every stage of human life, everyone faces some skin problem or other. But if you follow the natural ayurvedic way you can always look the best at any game. Have you looked at somebody and thought like, how they are looking so young? Well, you can have that too, if you follow some simple tips. As monsoon is upon us, it is the best time to undergo some rejuvenating ayurvedic treatments, you can avail the best of skin care treatments and facial therapies at most of the famous Ayurvedic centers in Kerala like Aura spa. While the pimples, acne are the teenager’s problems, about elder ladies will be worried about sun damage and wrinkles, laugh lines and all. Ayurveda suggests herbal medicines and treatments for all these skin care issues. No matter what your ages if, you can make your skin look like those of teenagers if you follow attention to some small rings. Here are some simple useful tips to incorporate into your daily routine to take care of your skin.

Follow healthy diet which in effect makes you beautiful

A good diet is always beneficial to your body as well as skin. Try to include lots of vegetables, fruits, as well as foods with anti-oxidants ingredients into your diet. The diet should be in sync with your body type also or the dosa, which is of three types- Vata, Pita, and Kapha. Vitamin c rich food items are good for your skin which is mostly included in fruits and spices.

Detoxify your body

According to Ayurveda, Ama is what responsible for most of the ailments. So it is better if you keep away toxins as much as possible from our daily routine. You can avoid toxins by avoiding intake of processed and fermented food items and sticking to organic and freshly prepared food items.

Drink lots of water

You may have heard this enough already. But it is really effective. Just try consuming more water and see the effect yourself. Water is the greatest ingredient to detoxify your body and to keep your skin hydrated.

Try to add healthy fats to your diet

To make the skin remain hydrated including healthy fats in your diet is important. It will help in look more moisturized from the inside out. When you get older you will need more than that. When you take some of the rejuvenating Kerala Ayurveda packages, you will get to know an insight about the importance of such healthy dieting and lifestyles. Nuts, ghee, olive oil etc are healthy sources of fat.

De-stress yourself

Stress is another demo for your skin. So next times you mull over something unnecessarily remember that it will go to affect your skin also.

Good sound sleep is important for healthy skin

If you want a better skin you should pamper your body with better quality and quantity of sleep. That is why they call it beauty sleep.

Nourish your skin from inside

To make skin healthy, you have to nourish it from inside. If you follow the ayurvedic dietary guideline you will get to know by taking some popular Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala according to the season and your body type will make your skin enhance eventually. Try to follow some diet that is skin-friendly.

· Include more juicy fruits and sweet into your diet which will enhance your skin suppleness.

· Include more grains that will provide minerals and nature’s intelligence to your skin element.

· Eat more vegetables, fully cooked and skin friendly spices like turmeric. Green leafy vegetable contains more fiber and nutrients which will help in nourishing the blood flow and the skin tissue.

· Eat easily digestible proteins, avoid hard digestive food items.

· Try to include skin-friendly spices into your diet. Turmeric is one such great friend of your skin that deeply purifies and act as an anti-oxidant element.

Rehydrate your skin regularly

Drink more pure water for internal rehydration. Also include sweet, juicy fruits and moderate and high-quality fats in your diet. It also diminishes both aura and the luster. Skin friendly spices will also improve your digestion and absorption.

If your body is of vata type, then you will need more fat content in your diet because the Vata skin type always tends to dry naturally.

For Kapha skin types, they will need less fat elements as they would have high oil content naturally in their skin.

The best way to rehydrate internally is to take up some rejuvenating Kerala ayurvedic treatments and daily massage which will result in a more youthful and healthy skin tone.

Your facial skin can benefit from deep tissue massage, which is provided the best ayurvedic spa in munnar like Aura Spa.

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