Need To Consume Dry Fruits

In this world of diseases everywhere and patients crowded at hospitals carrying their long records of diabetes and hypertension, what to eat is a prime concern. People are worried to eat anything as doctors strictly mention their diet plans. Apart from this, they would live in utter depression to keep themselves away from their favorite delicacies. Yes, the food items are the prime factor that decides your health and needs more care. There are some registered oldest records of famous written recipes especially the dry fruits that are found in Mesopotamian tablets. Due to their ease of transport and long-term storability, these dry fruits has crossed seven oceans and reached various places around the globe. The reason for the popularity of dry fruits is that they have a long history of food safety as they are dried under the sun or by any dehydration methods using wind tunnels. The dried form of fresh fruits is good to taste and equally for health. Even fitness experts suggest consuming dry fruits before a workout for increasing metabolic rates. The consumption of dry fruits must be moderate as they contain a significant amount of calories and try to consume it without any additives. For patients undergoing dieting can consume dry fruits, it is often seen in many Famous Ayurvedic Spa in Munnar, that they used to provide dry fruits to their patients as a first step of treatment even it benefits one who practicing yoga. Compared to fresh fruits, the antioxidants are twice beneficial in dry fruits. Students and travelers need to carry dry fruits along with them since they need the energy to revitalize their body and are free of fats or cholesterol. They can act as

Anticancer militant — To keep a doctor away, take an apple a day but to be away from cancer, take a dried apple and apricot per days having phytonutrients acting as antioxidants killing cancer causing agents.


Keep your skin healthy — Your inner self-reflects on your face, likewise your skin exhibits what you intake. Our skin is our integral immune system and consumes raisins that slow down skin ageing along with walnuts fir nourishing dry skin, improving texture. The primary dry fruit added in face packs is almonds those are effective in treating acne.

Potassium is abundant — Dry apricots and prunes contain higher amounts of potassium, consuming sodium plus potassium-rich food items regulate the balance of intracellular and extracellular levels of water, and maintain healthy blood pleasure.

Thick hair and great brain — Almond oils are good for hair as it adds luster and shine to dull hair, also, almonds improve hemoglobin thus promoting blood circulation. Raisins are good for teeth, preventing tooth decay. With the essence of vitamin A, the dry fruits protect our eyes.

Increase your heart beat — The monounsaturated fat rich cashew nuts stabilizes good cardiovascular activity as the monounsaturated fats reduce high triglyceride levels which are prime causes of heart attacks.

Prevents anemia — Dry fruits having an optimal level of vitamins and minerals provide a natural solution for weight management, along with high iron levels.

Check out the Stunning Kerala Ayurveda Packages and visit these centers for curing diseases, the doctors will suggest dry fruits after the treatment mind of the potential benefit, these fruits have Every night prior to your sleep consume the moderate amount of dry fruits daily as these are the only food items deprived of cholesterol, fat, and other additives. Even tasty to consume, the diabetes patients find consuming dry fruits as a relief.

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