Pick your Kick on wellness journey

Are you treating yourself to a wellness trip or you are planning a tour just for fun and relaxation? You are desperately in need of a break from your busy round the clock job duties. It is written nowhere you should kill your intellectual self by working hard and hard to achieve some target that may be important, company wise or project wise. Whatever it is, it cannot be placed higher than your own health. Apart from work, get some thrill to your lives, go get some movie tickets and watch a fun film with friends and colleagues. If you are a resident of Kerala, you definitely have plenty of option. Kerala is embellished with exotic beaches, lakes, lagoons, hills, valleys, mountains, wilds, what not? Pick some pristine beach and you have those exciting water activities awaiting you, choose the lakes or lagoons, and cruises and houseboats look quite inviting, hills and mountains? Do you need a suggestion? Guys, trekking bring the thrill back to your lives. Valley fit for a walk- Kerala offering first-rate climates; with majestic hill Side County have secluded paths and walkways through wild untamed gardens or bicycling with your friends. Well, if these options are not relevant enough in Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala— Ayurveda or spa retreats are surely to rejuvenate you back to track. Malabar Escapes, The Vivanta by Taj at Bekal, Carnosutie Beach resort on Marari beach are top most in hospitality and spa or Ayurveda treatments. They proffer certain wellness programmes for their guests mainly aiming at reducing depression and body tension or stress relief. Restore the balance of your body through natural principles. Let’s take the pride in joining some yoga classes as India is the birth place of Yoga.

A wellness holiday Coming Summer

According to the recent study made by our researchers, they found that working youth are mostly unhappy about their work and life balance to come up to the expectations of their employers for working outside the basic normal work hours. And several findings reveal that average rate of men are paid for over time, but women below average rate are paid for the extra hours they work. This creates stress; depression and mind get over worked, with no time to relax. Kerala Ayurveda packages bring you the most amazing wellness holiday tour deal to slacken your muscles and mind.

What is wellness holiday?

The term wellness holiday is just a leisurely tour taken out of your exhausting profession and domestic life. The well- cation cuts out tiredness, escalating psychosomatic, physical, and mystical activities. These temporary endeavors aid our total fitness back in no time. More people are choosing the Best Ayurvedic resorts in munnar where their services focus on bringing your health back on path in no time.

Exciting menu at Ayurveda resorts

Resorts and spa boutiques in Kerala presents you a complete eradicating diet menus solely aiming at bringing your body vigor to a perfect normal, helping your immune and hormonal levels to grow. Keralian Ayurveda resorts have best low calorie cuisines and day meals, rich juices, dishes prepared especially using Ayurvedic spices, high in nutricients.

Holiday camping

Losing weight is the top most priority to every one of us, even though we may not have time to manage work out on weekly days, we can at least getaway to secluded Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala to do so. Trendy spa and health camps are organised at such hotels. Weight loss is a guarantee here. Early morning yoga and massages does build freshness into our minds and energies our body. Power yoga stretches the body and different asana relieves us from certain immune problems and other minor ailments. Sharing casual conversations with the group makes you feel free.

Even some of the doctors recommend spa treatments to some patients. A spa therapy treats us from head to foot, with stone treatments, foot massages, various facials and body wraps. You get a complete composed and serene atmosphere here while you are lying on the soft couch for your therapy. This relaxed composure will stay along with you for a longer time. Eventually, you will also be able to balance work and life happily.

Cycling holidays

What do you think does cycling bring you? Many of us think it tires us, nothing else. If we are given a choice between a scooter, bike or a bicycle, today’s generation would naturally pick a scooter or a bike for a ride. May it be a fun ride or a ride to your office? We think scooters and bikes create an impressive personalty. At the same time we are destroying our bodily traits which directly or indirectly hit our health system. We choose vehicles rather than a short walk even to go around a corner. Cholesterol, fatigue, body or joint aches are some of the resulting illnesses. A brisk walk after every meal is highly recommended for a healthy body. If you can’t avail time for a short walk after meals, it can be done in early morning, nothing is more refreshing than a morning walk or a bicycle ride. A famous proverb “Make hay while the sun shines” entirely defines the situation. So, grab an opportunity on weekends and take your rusty bicycles out for a ride.Make your journey with Kerala Ayurveda Resort .

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