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Shop like a pro this holiday season. Explore our gift guide to find the perfect presents for family and friends: the gift of memories. Guaranteed to make even the grinch crack a smile…there’s an Aura frame for everyone on your list.

Dedicated Dad

By Abdur Chowdhury, CEO, Aura

I can’t think of anything more important than family and sharing special life moments. Nothing brightens my workday more than when my teenage daughter shares a photo of her and her mother to the Aura that sits on top of my desk.

Being able to send a smile to someone from anywhere with a single click is remarkable. Streamlining the process so it’s easier than ever to share memories with family — that’s the reason I founded Aura, and remains our company’s mission to this day. …

Starting earlier this year, Aura Frames set out to reenergize our brand, to strengthen the DNA that runs through everything we build. As the design lead who brings the magic of our brand to life in every touchpoint, I am humbled to introduce our new Stardust and Slate frames, the product of a hardware redesign and an evolving design language.

We created Aura to give you an elegant, seamless way to get memories from your phone into your life without the gadgety feel of most smart home products. …

by Jonathan Harris

It’s almost Father’s Day, and I’ve been thinking about how quickly my kids are growing up. Moore is 23, and Kate just turned 21.

My kids mean everything to me.

When they were younger, I was on the road a lot. Like a lot. As SVP of Intergalactic Sales for GoPro, I basically lived on planes, jumping on conference calls in taxis to meetings in cities around the world. It sounds glamorous. It’s not!

The time I got to spend at home was, frankly, priceless. And while I was away, every photo of our kids my wife…

Aura introduces Quartz frame

When we first started working on Aura Frames, we wanted to build a product that would make people smile, that could seamlessly bring photos from your phone into your home and into the homes of your loved ones. So we spent years infusing well-designed hardware with modern technology and software to create a beautiful and elegant frame, with an app, that you’d be proud to display in the place nearest and dearest to you. And we like to think that as a result, we’ve brought delight and happiness to families around the world.

We know each…

Aura + charity: water limited edition frame

In recognition of World Water Day, we’re proud to announce Aura’s continued investment in our partnership with charity: water.

Water is one of earth’s most precious and crucial resources, and it’s unfortunate that we live in a world where 663 million people live without access to clean water. That number is tough to digest, but to break it down, that’s twice the population of the United States or one in ten people.

So what can we do about this? That’s where charity: water comes in. …

Live Photos launches on Aura

We’ve all heard the saying: a picture’s worth a thousand words. Behind each photo is a story, a happy, sad, or somehow important moment captured and frozen in time. You look at a photo and you’re instantly transported to that exact moment.

Imagine if you could share that moment with someone halfway across the world? Now you can with Live Photos on Aura.

Finding the perfect gift for dad can be tough. This Father’s Day, give the gift that keeps on giving: an Aura Frame! Connect with your dad by enjoying new memories and reliving old ones, long after Father’s Day. Read on to find out how.

Aura’s Family Share feature is built specially for times like these — when multiple family members want to be involved! Easily pair the frame with the free Aura App and invite family members or friends to share photos. Dad can invite all of his children (and grandchildren!) to contribute to his frame so he never misses…

Who’s the star of your Camera Roll? Your mom? Your dad? Your kids? Your significant other? Yourself (for the selfie obsessed)? None of the above? How about someone who loves you unconditionally, is furry, and has four-legs? That’s right, your pet!

We know people are just as obsessed with their fur baby as they are with their human baby, and that’s why we’ve launched Pet Collections. The same advanced facial recognition software that groups your photos into collections based on the people you take pictures of most often is now applied to dogs and cats.

Any past or future…

In the latest update to the Aura App, we added the ability to link your Google Photos account. This means you can now browse and select images from Google Photos to send straight to your Aura Frame!

If you’re not familiar with Google Photos, in addition to providing an easy and useful backup for all of those photos on your phone, there are a lot of cool features built into Google Photos to help you navigate and manage your photo collection. Now you can take advantage of all Google Photos has to offer in the Aura App!

Read on for…


A smart picture frame designed to fill your home with beautiful photos and unforgettable memories. Now that's something to smile about.

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