2. Activity: Edhi Sahib Reading:

Most of Edhi Sahib’s dedication, Amal, Khudi, patience & team work came from his parents. They believe that charity is that when your right hand don’t knows left hand is giving something. Quantities of the examples from his life are:

  • One time a poor handicapped person is frightened by a group of people even they fought with them for that man.
  • One time, they saw a man who did not appear to be a professional beggar. On coming closer Edhi Sahab realized that they is suffering from fever. Edhi sahab was going for footy but they hastened home & brought him some food & clothing. Next morning they astonished to see that man who had recovered & later they went to a mosque.
  • They himself begged for the needy not by force but by standing hours & hours on road.

At the beginning Edhi Sahab has no team but they has Khudi in him that mostly came from his father. They desired to help the society to make revolution. They started working on it since his childhood age. They is also very use to with laboring. So they started Amal. Even doing this they got his kidney failure. People always attacked his self-esteem but they kept on listening and remained patient but dedicated. They kept on helping people expanding his team. And currently they has a largest network of team throughout the World.

So, the four principles of success discover a nice example in Edhi Sahib’s life as they has gone through these and they can see their impact now on Edhi Sahib’s reputation and success even people think him a saint.