1a. Activity: #Juststart Project:

I always desired to lead group works and that needs unusual communication skills so as to communicate the group’s responses to the supervisors effectively. I have always been feeling myself weak at confidence, English language fluency and vocabulary. I have taken part in quiz contests and other on-stage events but every time I observed that I lack these qualities and have been trying to improve them since that time.

Before joining Amal Academy, I have started working on these polishing skills but I noticed that few things need to be learned by group work not by study. Now using the platform of Amal academy I am feeling a confidence in my attitude towards learning my leadership qualities. So making long story short I require to work on my overall communication skills, issue handling, broad thinking and organizing skills.

All these tasks require their proper solution for improvement. Now, the point is how these improvements can be done. The solution I am going to adopt is trying increasingly to be social, consistently troubleshooting the issues, taking feedback from myself and finding the solution if necessary. That’s how I require myself to work in a recursive closed feedback loop. By becoming social I means to interact with increasingly fellows, knowing about their approaches towards a sure issue. By doing so, I will even be improving my confidence and speaking skills as they are a dire require accomplishing my tasks successfully.

A lot of outside and self-created internal forces have been delaying me from making my dreams come true. I was facing inferiority complex by observing the moves of people around. Because I mostly use to observe only those beings who are superior to me in terms of status, wealth, broad thinking. I was not even having TV in my home. So all these things have a combined effect on my mind. Looking on the other direction of the picture I lack confidence. I hesitate even to face a gathering as I have something a feeling like they are going to eat me up. Financial resources are also keeping me behind the stage as I must miss plenty of journeys, meetings, gatherings and parties at the most prestigious hotels because of not having money. Ego has also been an issue with me as I usually deprived myself of the benefit when I must do something that will ultimately going to affect my egoistic norms.

In order to remove these internal and outside forces I must modify my attitude towards the World. I must put my ego out of me to explore myself and show my identity. I require not to feel myself inferior in any case even if I am actually because it will be affecting my attitude towards overcoming the forces. So, I must work hard to reduce the small financial gap as I am not financially as weaker as I have calculated by looking on the high rank beings.

1b. Activity: Khudi and Self Learning:

I have sacrificed my happiness & desires for over a period of three years. When I was studying 6th I switched from Urdu medium to English medium on the request of my uncle. I have not been lovely at studies even English frightens me. Plenty of relatives pressure as I was the first going to learn English medium throughout my relatives. I wept & sometimes used to abuse the relatives for putting me hanging in that deep well. But then I noticed that mere weeping is not providing me solution so I decided to put my efforts as much as I could.

I started working day & night. But regrettably I was failed in the exams. I was under a lot stress thinking that I won’t be able to perform even after hard work. But I continued my struggle as I have no other chance. For a period of about three years, I continued my study in that situation. After that Allah helped me knew the secret of learning. I miraculously started performing so well that it’s surprising for me directly. Later on I was the topper in matric & FSc exams.

By having that example in my mind, I am more confident about myself that I can do everything if I require. Because I think hard work finally pays you off. It will be definitely making my attitude towards success stronger. So, I will be showing patience while working to accomplish my aim. Now, I am willing to accept all the pain in the way of my success.